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Peace Country Writers is designed and hosted by Artscript Canada Business Promotion to freely list and promote local Authors and Writers.

If you desire to list with Peace Country Authors and Writers or have questions, please click here for "Listing Criteria" and Contact Information.

Listings for Authors, Freelance Writers, Bloggers and Writers Groups are free on this Website.

If you have an existing website we will gladly provide a free link to your site as well.

Along with your free listing we can build and host a single page website here for only $175.00.
(example) which includes setup, construction and hosting for the year. If you wish to have your own domain name (web address) for your site we can purchase one of these for you ($12.88 for a dot ca domain)

(A web domain is a private address that you can add to your books, business cards, promotional material etc. that provides direct access to your webpage showroom)

As with every website and domain, annual hosting fees apply. we charge a minimal $135.00 per year for website hosting and $12.88 per year for dot ca domain hosting.
(We have to pay to host both your domain and your website and this covers that cost.)

To further increase your advertising exposure, Peace Country Authors and Writers is advertised on Peace Country on the web and on the Artscript Canada Business Network. We also advertise by poster around the Peace Region and in every Peace Country Library.

If you require a full sized website to showcase your work please give us a call or visit the
Artscript Canada Web Design site for more information.


The first rule of promoting a business of any kind, is to locate your business or hang your shingle where people are going to find you. As this site grows and readers across the world book mark our website each participant will have a greater chance of being found.

Being part of a larger business system like this has definite advantages for individual writers and authors simply because search engines recognize and priority index business systems over individual websites.

Why Promote your self and your work on the Internet?

Only ten years ago the best way to promote our work would have been to advertise in newspapers, periodicals or on radio. Few of us have found a publisher who would joyfully take our book and try their level best to publish a million copies.

Today, however, the internet has become the new shopping centre and preferred mode of advertising, rapidly replacing directories, phone books and traditional modes of promotional medium.

Here in the beautiful Peace River Country we have many talented writers and authors producing wonderful books and freelance writing. Our writers are certainly no less talented than any others in the world and only lack the opportunity to showcase their work.

Because the internet is growing so fast and the bulk of internet traffic is in Europe, China and the United States, major search engines tend to look to larger populated areas of the world when a search is made for a particular product. A single, lonely website can quickly become obscure in the millions of similar sites on the web unless, of course, it is attached to a larger organized site carrying similar products. Hence the reason for this website!

Via our web development company, Artscript Canada, we have created and funded this website and began publishing to the internet in 2004. Since then we have experienced rapid and exciting changes as the internet matured to become the most effective global system of communication we could ever have dreamed. This is good news for business, whether it be automobiles, organic produce or your new book.

We are pleased to make this free service available to fellow writers of the Peace River Country of Alberta and British Columbia.

Doug Greenfield
CEO Artscript Canada Web Design & Business Promotion

Maggie Greenfield
BA, ICS, Editor, Artscript Canada Editor