Brooklyn K. Biegel

Brooklyn's fiction, poetry, and non-fiction have been published in magazines in Canada and the United States. Since 2012, her stage plays, The Crown of Life and The Hidden Witness, have been performed as highly successful fundraisers for public audiences in the Peace Country. In 2010 she was awarded third place in the Clem and Muriel Collins Short Story Writing Contest, and in 2018 her historical fiction novel, The Hidden Witness, was shortlisted at #4 in the Word Alive Press Free Publishing Contest, the largest Christian publishing contest in Canada.


Aside from writing, Brooklyn maintains a thriving violin studio at her home in Grovedale, Alberta. She loves hiking, playing music with her family, practicing herbalism and goat husbandry, and sitting at the spinning wheel with a bunch of the family's home-grown alpaca fibre in her hands.

The Hidden Witness: Full Length Stage Performance:

The Hidden Witness: Theatrical Trailer:

You can contact her by email at: ObscureMyEmail