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At The Brook's Bend
Brooklyn K. Biegel

Isn't That Ironic?
Donald Lee (Author)

The Sunshining
NCR (Author)

South Peace Regional Archives Blog

Jane Wheeler ~ Midweek Moments (Author)

Cathy Tubb This little Light (Author)

Talena Winters ~ Winters Day In (Author)

Duane Anderson: (Author Grande Prairie / Panama)
I Will Write Tonight

Doug & Maggie Greenfield (Authors)
Behold His
(Question is . . . Are You Ready?)

Lyndon Wall (Author)
The Refresh Journal / Refresh Radio Minute (Audio)

Lauretta Beaver (Author)

Margaret Welwood (Author / books for children)
Grandma’s Treasures

Jeffrey S. Johnston
Pasttimes . Lilleypress Blog

Jerry Kitt (First Nature Farms, an Alberta organic farm experience)
Read his well written, informative monthly blog / newsletters

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