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Inevitable Unicorn Press


Inevitable Unicorn Press
also known as InUPress
is a High Prairie, Alberta, Canada small Web e-publishing imprint business with the publisher and author Kenneth Shumaker (Rusty Knight).
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Following a long break from writing, Kenneth recovered his passion for writing. He is a science fiction and fantasy genre author, as well as a non-fiction writer, with Inevitable Unicorn Press (InUPress). Kenneth has been blogging with the Owerton Challenge and other blogs for many years. He now writes several serial short stories. Kenneth’s two businesses, his wife, his two children, and his six grandchildren keep him busy.

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Notes from InUPress

With an annual subscription from InUPress, you will receive our monthly delivery of ‘Notes from InUPress’ for C$12.99 annually. The notes, by Kenneth Shumaker, contain interesting information on writing and publishing and is published through Inevitable Unicorn Press.

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Coaching Sessions

Available to you, Kenneth also has coaching sessions on the art of writing and getting published for C$125.99 per hour. This service is available to a limited number of applicants. To arrange an intake appointment email or call 1-780-523-5835 between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm MST, Monday through Saturday.

Contact information:
Phone 780-523-5835
Or Email us at
Postal Mail: InUPress at Rusty's Den, Box 3323, High Prairie, Alberta, Canada, T0G 1E0

Publishing Information

We publish fantasy and other fiction written in short stories as series, as well as novel length in e-format and print for world distribution.

We started operation in January 2016 with the publication of the Dragoman Bloodgrue series on Amazon, InUPress, and Kobo.

Call us today for your publishing quote: 780-523-5835

InUPress offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Your payment will be returned to you if you are not 100% happy with our friendly courteous client service and professional work.
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There are now five volumes in the compilation collection, ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume:’ series published through the InUPress imprint available on Amazon, Kobo and InUPress:

Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume I: Fare Where?
Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume II: Breaths
Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume III: Business
Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume IV: Attractions
Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume V: Rulings

Other works by Kenneth, published through the iUniverse imprint are widely available:
Laret: Darkness of Souls – medieval fantasy novel

Serial series by Kenneth distributed through the InUPress imprint on such platforms as: Niume, Owerton Challenge, Scriggler, Virily, and InUPress:
Dragoman Bloodgrue – medieval fantasy – since August 2015
Eren’s Challenge – future science fiction – since June 2017
Lanis – medieval fantasy – since April 2016
Markus – medieval fantasy – since March 2016
Morgus – medieval fantasy – since October 2016 with the Owerton Challenge
Star Grean – future space science fiction – since December 2016 with the Owerton Challenge

For our non-fiction, we have the blogs written by Kenneth and published by InUPress, they are distributed on various forums:
Notes from InUPress

Co-authored serial series and other works available through
Bard & Dragoman – written with Aria – fantasy serial series – since December 2014

pastedGraphic Inevitable Unicorn Press

Coming soon through the InUPress imprint:
Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume VI: Servile – 2017
Dendar – medieval fantasy novel – 2018
Star Grade – future space science fiction – 2018

Inevitable Unicorn Press

Inevitable Unicorn Press has published Brian Hill, Eric J Kregel, and Eathel T Carmichael III, as well as Kenneth Shumaker’s work in 2016, 2017. At first, we published their short works, now having published a full novel, we are looking for one or two new authors to publish in 2018. In 2016, InUPress published four issues of Dalan ezine, but due to quality issues they were pulled and with not being able to acquire qualified staff to produce a quality magazine or ezine we canceled the product at four issues.

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